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The Crew of HR819:

Pilot: F/S Edward Wright Saywell (CWGC Page) RNZAF KIA Aged 25
Sgt Joseph Marsh (CWGC Page) Flight Engineer KIA Aged 23
Sgt Ernie Raymond Moore (CWGC Page) Navigator KIA Aged 30
Sgt Frank William Whittaker (CWGC Page) Bomber Aimer KIA Aged 20
Sgt Ronald W. Wisson Wirewless Operator PoW
Sgt Stuart Fred (Ginger) Hughes (CWGC Page) Mid Gunner KIA
Sgt Frank Frederick Ward (CWGC Page) Tail Gunner KIA Aged 21


The Operations that the crew did with 102 Squadron from the 18th March to the 19th June 1943.

Full Log book with alll flights.

Graveley Airfield and Church

Account of the plane crash Ron Wisson's detailed account of the crash.

35 Squadron Halifax Mk II, HR 819 got airborne at 23:34 13 July 1943 from Graveley. At around 01.39 ME110 pilot Hans Dieter Frank attacked HR819 and from 15,400ft it crashed north of Leuth.

Those killed have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.


35 squadron badge

The only survivor, Ronald Wisson wrote a detailed account of what happened that night to HR819. I was going to put part of it on this page but instead I have decided to place it on it's own page.
I have been asked my Ron's family not to make a big fuss over him, apparently Ron was known to say that 'he was not the hero of HR819, he was the lucky one; that the real hero's were the six men that died'.
I don't wish to make Ronald Wisson into any more than he was/is, a man who laid his life down for his country time and time again.. who lived to tell the tale, and who has given us answers that no one else at the time could have.

My mum took about three goes to read Ron's account of that night, it's really not easy reading how someone you loved died, BUT.. it is so much better than spending 60 years not knowing. Please do take the time to read Ron's story, I believe it may help others who were in the same situation we were in. Thank you again to Ron's grandson Dave, and other family members for allowing me to use all the things Ron accumulated on HR819.

F/S Edward Wright Saywell

I'm not sure exactly where Ron got all of the documents I have been given, but it is clear that one thing did belong to the pilot, Flight Sergeant Edward Wright Saywell. This was sent to him we believe by F/S Saywell's niece, and I would like to thank her here now for allowing me put these pages here for you all to see.

Before we viewed F/S Saywell's log book pages we had no idea that Joe Marsh had served any where other than 35 Squadron, but from them we know he trained at Pocklington, and was a part of 102 Squadron.

This is the full photo that you see in the banner. Click the photo for a larger one.

Edward Saywell's Crew of HR819

You will have noticed above in the 'MORE PAGES ON THIS CREW', a link to the Operations that the crew did with 102 Squadron, and also one to the full log book.
In time I intend to go to Kew and look at the 'Operations Log Book for 102 Squadron. That will give me details of who was on what flight, and what happened on each mission. In time I hope to show exactly what Joseph Marsh took part in, what F/S Edward Saywell's crew achieved, and why it might have been that they were picked to join 35 Squadron as reported by Ron Wisson.

Map of the crash site near Venlo

Ron Wisson spent many hours tracking down the site where the plane crashed, we do know where it is, but the opinion is that putting it on here for everyone to see is not a good idea. Doing so may attract 'treasure seekers' and that is not something we want on this site.


Highslide JS
Training at Pocklington

I am fairly sure that this extract from Ted Saywell's log book is taken from the time the crew were training on Halifax's. You will note that Joe Marsh is with them at this time.

According to people I have spoken to, Wally Lashbrook who you can see is the training officer on some of the flights only died a few years ago. I hope to get more on this man when I talk to Tom Wingham although I may not need to talk to Tom.. it seems some one has put together the most amazing web page all about Wally.. please have a look here..

Edward Saywells log book

Having read the report on the site, it seems that Wally was shot down on the 16th April, 1943 on a raid over Pilsen, if you look to the right you can see that F/S Saywell's crew took part in this mission! In the sidebar you can see a photo of Alfie Martin and some links, Alfie was part of S/L Lashbrook's crew that night!

From Edward Saywell's Log Book: Please hit the pic for a much larger one.

There is one final thing, for now...

I have deliberatly blured out the name on this, but wanted to show what I believe would have been sent to my great grand parents when Joe and the rest of the crew of HR819 went missing.. I know one family got this telegram because it actually theirs.