BB323 | VR-R | 419 Squadron

The Crew of: BB323

Pilot: 2Lt B.J.J. Furey USAAF Inj
Sgt J.S. Carmichael PoW
Sgt M. Cottenden RCAF PoW
Sgt G.C. Perrett PoW
Sgt J.C. Gilchrist RCAF PoW
Sgt K. Lasalle RCAF
PoW F/S William Charles Batkin Gunner KIA (CWGC Page)

BB323 got airborne at 22.56 on the 13th July 1943 from Middleton St.George.
Shot down by a night-fighter, abandoned, and crashed near Venlo (Limburg), Holland, where F/S Batkin was first buried. His grave is now located in Jonkerbos War Cemetery.

Sgt J.S.Carmichael was interned in Camps L6/357. PoW No.383 with Sgt G.C.Perrett, PoW No.420. Sgt M.Cottenden in L6/L4, PoW No.381, with Sgt J.C.Gilchrist (promoted to WO2 during captivity), PoW No.388.

2Lt B.J.J.Furey was confined in Hospital due to injuries. No PoW number.
Sgt K.Lasalle (promoted to WO2 during captivity) in Camps L1/L6/L4, PoW No.1320

Jonkerbos War Cemetery