Flt Sgt Arthur Stokes DFM

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Flt Sgt Arthur Stokes DFM

Postby Stokes 551369 » Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:24 pm

Hello, My name is Graeme Stokes. My Great Uncle Arthur was part of 102 Squadron from September 1939 until late 1941. Arthur received the DFM (which my Uncle has) and this was received during his time in 102. I own his log book so I am currently working my way through it. Arthur flew mainly with the Great Leonard Cheshire mainly however there are a list of other Pilots he flew with. Arthur was a Wireless Operator and Cheshire is quoted as saying "Stokey was the best WOP I ever flew with" Coming from someone of Cheshire's stature that is quite an honor. Arthur was tragically killed on Operation Bronze during a Top Secret mission with 138 Squadron, March 14th 1943.

I have only just found out about this fantastic site and also I want to personally thank Chris Harper what he is doing is tremendous, I have already received a picture of Arthur and also found a quote from when Driffield was bombed. Here is what Arthur said (this quote can be found online in a book http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=y7Xi ... ron&f=true)

"At about 1.30pm, my room mate in the Sergeant's Mess looked out of the window and said 'what are all these Blenheims flying about for?' (he was later given extra instruction on aircraft recognition!) Then the bombs started exploding I left my bed in a hurry I'd been on the Milan raid and was having a lie. Our room was on the first floor hut but without hesitation I leapt through the window landing on the grass below, I then streaked across the grass and flung myself into the shelter"

What Arthur didnt realise at the time was he had literally streaked as he only had his shirt on, finding this quote in the book was rather an emotionally moment.

So if anyone would like to chat then message me it would be good to chat to people. Sadly I only have a couple of pictures however I will be scanning all of Arthur's log book and the 102 section I will publish onto this site.

Thanks Graeme
Stokes 551369
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Re: Flt Sgt Arthur Stokes DFM

Postby Bill Leyland » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:21 pm

Welcome aboard Graeme. Sounds like you have some fascinating stuff there! Me and Chris was talking to Roy Whipple recently who was at Driffield soon after the attack. He still has his log books and might be a link for you. I'm sure Chris will be able to suss this when he has time. Also he knew Leonard Cheshire.
Good luck,
Bill Leyland
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Re: Flt Sgt Arthur Stokes DFM

Postby ChrisInBlackpool » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:16 am

Dear Graeme

I got your email, very interesting.. Is the photo you sent me yours, or from a site you found... or a book??

I did just want to say welcome to the forum, and great that you have settled in and are posting.. a few of the main people are on hols right now so its gone a little quiet..

Arthur's page on the site is in my todo list.. but I am really waiting for a brief bio from you before I get cracking..

At least once we do we have a ton of stuff to show people..

Have fun on here.. off to make another ten pages up ... wish me luck... :)
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