Would you like to help?

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Would you like to help?

Postby ChrisInBlackpool » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:55 pm

OK this week I have been talking to Dave Leithead and he is going to be helping me put together a crew list page for the guys who managed to make it through a full tour, or at least to the end of their time with 102.

Where I am going to stick this list I am not sure just yet.. but I thought it important to start adding these crews somewhere because unless one of the crew members, or their families is in contact with me, it means that hundreds of airmen will not be mentioned on the site, basically because they lived!

So task 1:
If you know of a successful crew, could you please add it to the thread that I am about to start in the web site issues entited... 'Full Tour Crews'. Dont worry if you are not sure if they did the whole 30.
I'm guessing that the back end of 44, going through 45 is going to have quite a few.

Task 2: MUCH bigger task. As discussed with Simon and others, our 'Crew List Page' (CLP) started off with me just wanting to be able to list crews that had either gone down, or had an accident, but that I knew virtually nothing about.
It's quite obvious that it is a very long way from being a copy of the back of the suicide book... which is where all you lot come in.. :D
Because this is my baby so to speak I am going to ask that you do this the way I have been doing it so far.

Below is a typical entry on our CLP http://www.102ceylonsquadron.co.uk/memoriescrews.html

Sgt. John Chapman - Pilot - Age 24 - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt. John Franklin James - 2nd Pilot - Aged 25 - (C.W.G.C.)
P/O Raymond Woodrow Dawson - Obs - Age 22 - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt. James Hall - AG - Age 19 - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt. John Matthew Bailey Tunnah - AG - Age 30 - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt. Kenneth Ridd Winter - WOp - Aged - (C.W.G.C.)

On the actual page the CWGC has a link to each persons page on that site. Because I want you to go and search for these links, pasting your work into this forum wont work, I won't get the link.
You will have to email what you get in HTML format.

What I would like is for as many volunteers as possible to start going through the Pock war diaries, Goss's book, and the ORB's and filling in all the gaps we have. I was going to suggest people pick a year.. and then you are not all doing the same thing.. and post to the thread letting everyone know.
As long as they come to me all filled in with the relevant details, it really is easy for me to add them to the CLP

Thanks in advance for anything you guys manage to do.. and yes I know... I have a ton of work already, but in doing the above you might actually help me because a lot of my time is spent typing out the info you see above when I am contacted my someone who lost a loved one.


For the memory of everyone who served with 102 Ceylon Squadron,
but mostly for the 1,027 in two World Wars who never came home.
Lest we never forget. http://www.102ceylonsquadron.co.uk
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Re: Would you like to help?

Postby Bill Leyland » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:10 pm

Chris, I'm happy to take 1944 and go through Bill Chorleys 'Losses'. Try to make sure no one else wastes thier time duplicating the entries! I will do a few and email em across to make sure I'm doing it right.

So you are adding the CWGC details? Or do I find them, save them, attach them and send them with the entries?
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