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New Memories Menu

Postby ChrisInBlackpool » Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:53 pm

Ok all,
You may have noticed the new menu for the memories page. :D

For those not into the techy side of web sites, it uses something called Java, which is great when it works.. but not so great when it doesn't.
It also doesn't like using two sets of java at the same time, which is what it is doing when you get onto one of the pages that has the photo's that pop out at you when you hit them.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... if you see a page that don't work the way you think it should do..
either the menu opens up in a page of its own and not a pop out box... :(
or the link opens in the diddy little box... :(
or the link doesnt work at all... :(
please let me know..

I am trying to get this right first time, but we now have 250 pages on our site and the change just entailed me re writing 175 of them.. 8 hours.. I serioussly need a rest.. :D

Do let me know if you don't like the new look.. I am afraid that it is here to stay because it will save me having to alter 170 pages everytime we add a person to the site..

All the best

For the memory of everyone who served with 102 Ceylon Squadron,
but mostly for the 1,027 in two World Wars who never came home.
Lest we never forget.
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