102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Sergeant H.A.E. Charman

W7884 DY-H took off from Pocklington on the 3rd Dec 1942. Misson Frankfurt

This plane contained one of three aircrews to be lost that night stationed with 102 squadron. Sgt Harry Morrissey (W7913 DY-C) and S/L J.G.G. Walkington (W7916 DY-L) being the other two.

Sgt H.A.E. Charman PoW
Sgt E.N. Neilson PoW
P/O D.W. McKim - RCAF PoW
Sgt F.S. May RCAF PoW
Sgt G.E. Nutter PoW
Sgt Cyril John Pope - AG - Aged 20 - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt Theodore Ian Mardon Edwards - RCAF - Aged 22 - (C.W.G.C.)

The crew were airborne at 01.38 but shot down from 13,000ft by a night-fighter, (Lt Heinz Martin Hadeball, 8./NJG4) around 04.25.

The plane crashed near Laumersheim, 10 km WNW of Frankenthal, a largish town on the NW outskirts of Mannheim where the two airmen killed were originally buried.
Their graves are now located in the Rheinberg War Cemetery.

Sgt H.A.E.Chapman (also recorded as Charman) was interned in Camps L1/L6/357. PoW No.918 with Sgt F.S.May, PoW No.939.

P/O D.W.McKim in Camp L3, PoW No.867.

Sgt E.N.Neilson in Camps L6/L4/L1, PoW No.19343.

Sgt G.E.Nutter in Camps 9C/357, PoW No.42679.

Lt Heinz 'Hannibal' Hadeball went on to become an 'ace' with 33 kills to his credit.




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