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Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)


Photo Page

We have a new page for the web site that we aren't quite sure where to put yet.

It's a photo page of pics from members pages and ones we have just acquired... the only trouble is we aren't sure who is on the each photo.. which is where you come in.



Please check out the Memories tab at the top of the page.

We have added half a dozen new pages with some quite stunning new photo's.


Pocka Gen

Vol 1 No2, 4 and 6 are now available to look at under the History tab.


Reunion Photo's!!

Ed has sent us from 1985 and 2003, THANK you Ed... But we need your's !! PLEASE...

Have a look under the Reunion tab



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Welcome To 102 (Ceylon) Sqn.

Our Hope for the Future

2012 Reunion


Click the photo for a report of this years reunion.


Please look out for links to individual reports from those who were there.

We now believe that this site is a place where people can come and learn a little about the 102 (Ceylon) Squadron, it's past, and the part it played in in WW2.

If you take a look at the 'HISTORY' tab there is a brief history there sent to us by Joyce Kiddell, widow of Ken. It speaks about the different places that 102 Sqd have been based, such as Driffield, Topcliffe, Dalton and of course Pocklington.

As it says in the blue column, the biggest part of our web site is the 'MEMORIES' section. We are up to about 200 pages so far, some of them with pages and pages of info and stories, some of them with nothing on at all right now because we are waiting for the person to get back to us.

If you have anything that you think might be interesting to others please please consider sending it to the web master.

We really want this to be a place were people can share their personal stories rather than just some where that has all the facts and figures about the Squadron. Email Chris if you have anything you want to add to the site.


July 2012 Update:

Back in May of this year Simon Kularatne and myself attended the RAF Association convention in Blackpool. We had a really great weekend and met some wonderful people, one of whom was a certain Chris Goss.

Chris agreed to let us borrow the things he collected almost twenty years ago when he was writing our squadron book, 'It's Suicide, but it's fun'. Last month a member of the association collected the things from Chris and gave them to me at the reunion last weekend.

There are about eight three inch think files, hundreds of photo's and enough information to keep me going for about the next two years at least.

So where do you come in?

I need transcribers! People who will take a page of text and either try and OCR it, or retype it out into a word doc. I don't need you to be free to start work now, just a commitment to help when I am ready to start work on this mountain.

Thanks - Chris


Remembrance Day

On Sunday the 13th November 2011, a number of people connected to 102 Ceylon Squadron attended firstly St. Catherines Church at Barmby Moor, and then went onto Pocklington Airfield, the home of the Wolds Gliding Club.

The webmaster has written up the days events and they can be found here.

As large as the page is, it can not begin to tell how grateful we all were for the reception given us by the people of Barmby Moor church, and the good folks of the Wolds Gliding Club


1941 Squadron Photo

A stunning photo of the squadron is 1941

Please check this out.....

The Aims of this Web site

  • Commemorating all who served in 102 Squadron during WWII
  • To perpetuate the memory of past members of 102 Ceylon Squadron and in particular those who gave their lives while serving on the Squadron.
  • To provide an opportunity for past members, their families and friends to contribute to the memory of the Squadron.


Note for Contacting People You Might Know:

This past two months the webmaster has been contacting members of the 102 Squadron Association. As of the 7th Sept 2011, he has been able to contact forty original 102 personnel, and over a dozen families of the same.
We will NOT be giving out personal details on here at all, but if you see someone's name in the menu on the 'Memories' page, and you wish to contact them, please do email the webmaster and we pass on your enquiry.


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